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- Maintenance -


- Cacheada -


No matter if your hair is wavy, curly or frizzy, progressive or colored, this kit is designed for all types of hair, because it makes a moisturizing and non-aggressive cleaning for those who go to the gym and have to wash your hair every day, you can alternate in shampooing and Co + Wash, which makes a conditioning and refreshing cleansing. In curly hair, has the power to moisturize, care and model.

There is no way not to fall in love!


- Colors -


Troia Colors bleaching powder promotes discoloration with complete uniformity.

Dust Free offers a variety of lightening possibilities quickly and safely. Its discoloration is ultra fast with maximum efficiency guarantee, reaching up to 9 lighter shades. Its formula with micro vitamin capsule protects the strands from dryness and promotes a cold tone whitening that avoids the yellowish tone, due to the unique anti-yellow technology.


Bleaching Powder The Flash Plex - Composed of a unique formula that has been enriched with Plex that acts to protect hair fiber while quickly bleaching hair, ensures safe, even and non-breaking over-bleaching, preserves strands damaged by previous bleaches.


Tratamento fortalecedor pré-descoloração Blond Plex , evita a quebra dos fios durante o processo químico. Agora você pode descolorir até deixar o seu cabelo platinado, mantendo a saúde dos fios.

Garante a preservação da estrutura da fibra capilar sem alterar o tom da coloração e sem precisar mudar o procedimento, seja com mais tempo de ação ou um volume maior da loção ativadora. É compatível para ser misturado a escovas progressivas e adicionadas em mascaras hidratantes para potencializar o tratamento.


• Exclusive Formula

• Release Agent

• Moisturizing Action

• Argan Oil

• Macadamia Oil


- Tinters -


Grayish Effect


Platinum Effect


Pearly Effect


Champagne Effect

What is it indicated for?

The tinter is suitable for blonde hair. In addition to maintaining tone, it illuminates, restores and does not lead the wires.


É um reconstrutor. Equilibra o pH dos fios após a descoloração. Prepara os fios para receber a matização.

Reposição de Carbono.


- Coloring-


11 Multifunction Oils

38 Colors

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- Power Collor -


Collors masks open a range of color options when mixed. The tones can also be more vibrant or more discreet, depending on the action time and the technique that will be used.

For fancy hair, apply once every three washes on average. To intensify tones such as the redhead, for example, use once a week. In addition to super moisturizers, masks come in a variety of colors and also allow you to create even more by blending with each other or diluting with white cream. Use and abuse your imagination and be who you want to be.


- Treatment -


Complete treatment kit for damaged and lifeless hair. # Cauterization recovers elastic hair from the first application. With this kit you can assemble many different techniques and make a capillary schedule, leaves the hair free of residues to absorb nutrients effectively. Thus, the hair gains strength, shine and softness, while frizz is uniquely combated!

It finishes with the porosity of the strands and fills with fortifying nutrients. It also deeply hydrates, restoring hair health completely!

Finally, Contains:

- Nourishing Shampoo 500ml: Gently cleans the hair without damage, leaving the hair ready to receive the next step of treatment.

- Cauter Regenerating Spray Bio - Treatment 500ml: restores vitality, strength and elasticity.

- Gloss Cauter Bio 500ml Restructurer: Fills and seals the cuticles, leaving the recovered strands of aggressive chemicals such as discoloration, relaxations and so on.

- Cauter Bio Nutritive Gelatin 1 kg: Finishes the porosity of the strands and fills with fortifying nutrients. It also moisturizes deeply, restoring hair health completely.


It has been specially developed for hair that is elastic, porous and brittle, with high hair recovery power from the first application, rebuilds the hair fiber and protects, giving strength and strength.


Moisturizing Gelatin is extremely important for hair growth and vitality, having a protein that provides Shine and Strength. Collagen provides softness and aids in water replenishment. When we use protein, we are replacing what has been lost through chemical and physical processes.


Brazilian Liquid Keratin is hydrolyzed and contains Royal Jelly, Keratin, Creatine. For fragile hair.

It is fast penetrating and fully absorbed by the hair, leaving it healthy, shiny and without split ends. Help control frizz.


- Finishers -


Leave-in for all hair types, detangles and smoothes the surface of the hair for added shine and suppleness. Ideal for the routine of anyone who needs moisturizing, whether it is dry, brittle, thick, curly, wavy or normal hair.

* Add in hydrations to enhance treatment.

* Use a good amount before entering the sea or pool to preserve the chlorine / sodium and sun strands.


Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that form a protective barrier in the hair. Its rich and intense formula brings a new technology, being quickly absorbed by the wires. Provides deep nutrition, moisturizes and protects hair from aggression.


Makes the hair more radiant, smooth and balanced. This finisher has high gloss and moisturizing power in the strands, aiding in combating split ends, replacing the protective layer and sealing the cuticles durably until the next wash. Nourishes and decreases frizz.


Rich in noble silicones, it promotes a lot of shine with velvety feel to the wires without leaving a heavy appearance. Can be used as a finisher and thermal protection.

* Add to your daily treatment routine and have incredibly silky strands with natural balance and shine.

* Use a good amount before entering the sea or pool to preserve the chlorine / sodium and sun strands.


Implementing Council

Put a small amount of oil in the hands, rub and distribute over the length and ends of the strands or spray directly on the strands.


- Washbasin -


The S.O.S. line #Diva Lavatory was developed with a formula that strengthens the scalp, enhancing growth, aiding in the fight against fall, styling the natural production of keratin, revitalizing damaged and brittle hair.

Excellent for continuous use in hair care.


The #Powerful 1.9.3 Washbasin line has been formulated to promote effective treatment in the recovery of wires after the use of chemicals. Developed with Bio Restore, Cassava Extract and Shea Butter. Promotes nutrition, restoration and reconstruction of hair fiber, softness, shine and health to the hair.


- Troia Care -

Hand Cream

The hand cream is made from green coffee oil and special silicones that provides prolonged hydration and rapid absorption with silky feel and velvety feel. Protects the hands by forming a delicate and fragrant film on the skin.

Visibly more beautiful hands day after day.


- Troia 4Man -


Troia Hair 4 man Shampoo is designed for use on hair and beards, cleansing the hair and giving it a healthy shine and appearance.


Troia Hair 4 man conditioner is designed for use on hair and beards. It has in its formula, conditioning agents that soften your hair.


Trojan Hair 4 Man's Shaving is designed to provide a close shave and optimal lubrication for the shaving blade, both face and scalp.


Troia Hair 4 Man After Shave Lotion refreshes and stimulates skin regeneration in injured areas after shaving, especially in areas where the epidermis is most injured.

Developed with Biotin and Propolis Extract which has antiseptic action and improves skin healing.


Trojan Hair 4 man Balm hydrates and refreshes all day. It is ideal for men who feel their skin dry or rough. Can be used in conjunction with Trojan Hair Shaving Oil.


Grooming, Troia Hair 4 Man, is a strong-holding liquid ointment for styling the most worked hairstyles with or without using the dryer. Reduces frizz and moisturizes leaving hair styled longer.


Trojan Hair 4 Man offers ointments for all hair types. It fixes the hair without leaving residues, providing shine and softness in a light and natural way.


Colorless: Smooth, wet and shiny effect.

Black: Smooth, wet, shiny and dark effect.

Caramelite: Mega Fixation, smooth and wet effect.

Web Effect: Patterned, glossy and wet effect.

Matte: Opaque and dry effect, keeping the hair natural.

Beard Oil

Troya Hair 4 Man Shaving Oil is made with active ingredients, essential silicones, promoting silky and refined and intense shine.


Natural blend combined with fragrance to give aroma and a healthy look with high moisturizing power, giving shine and strength to the beard hair, accentuating the hair and avoiding constant itching.

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