Our History

In December 2016, Tróia Hair entered the market with the launch of the first product. His career gained strength in January of the following year, when he inaugurated the first commercial space in the Jardim das Oliveiras - Itaim Paulista, São Paulo - Brazil.

The company's rapid growth is the result of a lot of dedication and commitment to consumers. The brand launched the progressive Orga²nica, which struck beyond national borders, such as Paraguay and Argentina.

For 12 years, two of the three partners sold multi-brands and knew the halls routine. The hairdresser and current commercial director understands the needs of the salons and reports:

We seek to innovate with quality, and we fight a battle in which one who achieves excellence wins. Standardizing excellence is still a battle [...]

J. Cícero

When explaining the choice of name, explains the Commercial Director:

In the plot of the movie Troy, Helena's beauty motivates the plot, and at the end of the film one learns the lesson that transparency is what keeps an empire on the rise. We strive to bring beauty to each of our consumers, and at Trojan Hair, the Greeks are welcome!

J. Cícero

After a year in the market, Troia Hair won its first factory, and started to outsource other brands with the arrival of Exatbel Industria de Cosmeticos.


In our Technical Center, we develop videos and provide direct contact with our products, with tutorials and training.



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